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Passenger information and advertising

Passenger Information System

Displaying and broadcasting of information for passengers of public transport with a possibility of real time management. More

Advertising content emission

Presentation of attractive multimedia advertising content directly on the screens inside vehicles and trains. More

Fare collection and access control

Video Monitoring System

Vehicle and train video monioring solution with advanced features and expanded functionality. More

Fare Collection System

A complete system for fare collection and access control consisting of gates, ticket vending machines and ticket validators. More

Passenger counting

Analysis of passenger flows for optimization of public transport network as well as selection of advertising content. More

Communication Systems

Secure communication

An ultimate tool for providing secure communication within most demanding organizations. Provides secrecy of voice conversations as well as text messages and emails. More

Law Enforcement and Intelligence

Lawful Interception Systems

Systems for interception of phone and Internet communication with advanced analysis functions and evidence collection for Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence. More

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