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Secure communication

Secure communication

Communication security

Phone calls and other forms of electronic communication are secured against information leak and manipulation

Device security

Selected handset models with a special, hardened operating system and software version

Central management

Dedicated central device management and update system

One of the main challenges faced by many organizations is to secure their own sensitive communication. There is a big need in today’s world to communicate immediately, using mobile devices, but without risk of privacy loss. Our secure communication solutions allow secure calls, text messages and emails, without any risk of uncovering privacy of communication. Most important features are: full control of each system element by the client, trusted authentication of devices, verified and hardened handset software and strong communication encryption between elements of the system. These advantages and unique system architecture make it an ultimate tool for securing mobile communication within the most critical parts of the organization.


We are an independent supplier of complete secure communication systems

Secure and versatile

Our systems are designed for medium and large organizations. The solution includes applications for secure data exchange, handsets with dedicated operating system,
SIP exchanges and complete management software suite, all under control of the customer.

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